Notice the wire shown on the left, which is used on our test leads, has many more strands than the wire shown on the right. The difference enables our wire to carry more current and amps safely, and is not easily broke. Also the wire we use has EDPM Rubber insulation which stays more consistent in different temperature ranges, the other wire uses PVC insulation which becomes very stiff in cooler temperatures. Oldaker standard lead length is 4'  most others are 2' to 3'.



Notice the probes on the right use tips that are all nickel plated brass with small safety rings, all accessories, if any,  must slide onto the small .080" diameter pin, which is not safe or secure. Oldaker probes (Shown on the left) use stainless steel needle tips with very sharp polished points for piercing insulation and sure contact, the tips are threaded so all accessories can be securely attached to the tip for better contact and safety. Also the tips are recessed so that the area where the accessory connects to the probe tip is inside the probe to prevent the user from shock. The material used for the probe is KJB Cyclac V094 Flame Retardant plastic. The safety rings are 3/4" and well up the probe to keep the user from the exposed tip.