Oldaker Mfg. Corp.

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Dunkirk Ohio 45836                             Fax 888 295 9517

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Patrick Ream



A Brief But Inspiring History : Oldaker Manufacturing was launched by the late Harold E. Oldaker in 1946. By 1952, the company became a leading custom manufacturer of test leads and the principal supplier of test leads to Triplett Corp. of Bluffton Ohio. 
Youth came to the firm in 1962 when Patrick Ream joined the company and worked and trained closely with Mr. Oldaker, primarily in the areas of engineering, design and supervision.
Following Mr. Oldaker's death in 1973, Mr. Ream successfully operated the firm for Mrs. Oldaker until 1978 when Oldaker Manufacturing was incorporated by Patrick Ream to acquire the facilities and business. 

Since 1978, the corporation has continued to expand its capabilities and continues to grow as a leader in custom design and manufacture of test leads, wiring devices and complex assemblies. Attorney John M. Tudor and Accountant DuWayne Chambers joined the management team in 1978 to add depth and expertise in their respective fields.
Oldaker Mfg. Corp. has a vast background of over 50 years in specialized custom design and manufacturing. By maintaining the highest standards of quality, workmanship and lead time, Oldaker has acquired an enviable reputation as a designer and supplier of custom products and assemblies for many major companies. Competitive pricing and minimum lead time continue to be a major contributors to Oldaker's success.